North Residence

Investment and Real Estate Development

Nawat Investment was keen to pay attention to all the details For engineering plans and interior designs for units where Focused on the exploitation of spaces and the selection of the highest quality and innovation Promotes an improvement in quality of life spinsamurai.

Outer lobby

The lobby comes with an elegant social touch and spacious space welcome, you can meet the one you love, and you can also to sit in it calmly finish your work related to.

Inner Lobby

Interested in introducing you to the services available in North Residence and present it to you perfectly.

Athletic Walk

Dedicated tracks to exercise to enjoy residents experience a close and unique health experience from its type.

Swimming Pool

The pillars of a healthy environment are complemented by the availability of a bathroom swimming combines fun and sports at the same time.


Provides the place and the wonderful mood that it is desired by lovers of calm and coffee.

Balcony "Terrace"

An elegant architectural element that allows you to have a wide view breathe in the fresh air and have fun in clear sunshine.


You can do your exercises inside your place of residence without having to leave it with a department women's and men's specials add experience integrated for the family


We are eager to create a space for you to be home excellence and elegance for all your occasions, North Hall Residence equipped with the latest technology and technology for your small parties, private dinner parties and wedding celebrations and designed with a comfortable space to meet everyone you love in an atmosphere of joy and elegance.

Entertainment space for children

Our children deserve organized and safe entertainment. Therefore, our children's rooms are available to our guests Kids all the games and entertainment that.
They may need it

Surveillance And Security Services

We took care of this with the security guards and monitoring systems that are available. it will give you and your family safety, God willing.

Basement parking

Private parking for your car and your guests.

Central laundry

You can take advantage of this service without having to leave your home.

Assistant And Driver Room

We provide a private room for your driver in a separate place for you to enjoy the housing capacity and privacy.
Other Services

Smart Building Services


They love us.

One of the most comfortable companies in dealing and providing the required wonderfully

Mohammed Said

Incredible as always. This guys have excellent taste,modeling, texturing & rendering skills. The design fits in with what I would perceive as being Icelandic, the high wooden roof design and linear slatted interior elements and colours.

Roqia Ahmed

Confidence in dealing with available apartments with unparalleled modern designs

Leyan Khairatu

They have a selection of designers and consultants and they pay attention to the smallest details to always provide our comfort

Anas Mahmoud